Directed Flex Layouts

This is a fun Flexbox experiment, the first of what will likely be several. This time, we wanted to build a way to direct containers to »

How We Did It: Application Videos

Video is *cool*, so we knew wanted to incorporate it into our 2016 site. This post covers how we implemented the videos—and how we stopped »

How We Did It: Parallax Word Cloud

At 2wav, we like parallax effects, assuming they're done tastefully. In fact, one of the staple features of our web site has been a parallax scrolling »

Welcome to 2wav 2016!

One of the big challenges in having a web site is keeping it current, given how quickly web design trends shift. To be entirely honest, what »

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What Does it Mean to "Ontologize"?

For 2wav, ontology is a way of thinking about information architectures that helps us build practical data-driven applications that scale and adapt. Most important software systems »

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Why 2wav Loves Meteor

At 2wav we have been fans of the JavaScript programming language for years. First Node.js enabled running JavaScript on the server and jQuery provided a »

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How We Did It: clip-path

Sometimes things are easy. Getting clip-path to work for our new website was not one of these times. We use our "wav" design all »

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